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Accreditation and Certifications


ABC facility accreditation and also mastectomy fitter certification has been awarded as an attestation of competency for the public, those who require post-mastectomy fitting and services, and those in other health professions. The awarding of an ABC facility accreditation and fitter certification provides the certified fitter with an appropriate and meaningful recognition of professional competence. To be eligible for this professional designation, individuals must meet educational, experiential and examination requirements directly related to the fitting of post-mastectomy patients. The Facility Accreditation shows excellence in facility access, availability, and over-all quality of a facility.  Following the awarding of Certification and Accreditation, individuals must adhere to ABC’s Code of Professional Responsibilities and meet continuing professional education requirements. Fine Fittings has been awarded this honor and achieved an outstanding 99% on its facility score.

Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Fine Fittings exists to help diminish the footprint of cancer and support the healing process after surgery by fitting quality garments, wigs, and medical supplies designed to complement their physician's treatment and also enhance the beauty and comfort of the individual.



Fine Fittings further believes that quality of life is critical for physical and emotional wellness.

When the body has been altered by breast surgery, people not only experience an altered body image and mourning, but physical changes as well.  The body becomes more heavily weighted on one side.  Without correction of weight distribution, the joints in the spine erode over time as they are constantly pulled by gravity out of alignment.  This can cause the shoulder to drop forward over time on the heavier side resulting in arthritis and other related skeletal and/or neurological problems.  This is even more exaggerated by osteoporosis which is increasingly common as women age and the fact that chemotherapeutic drugs increase bone loss by deactivating hormones that aid in bone growth.  Fine Fittings offers prosthetics that not only balance the weight distribution, but also restore the sense of beauty and confidence of body image women felt prior to surgery.  Fine Fittings is the only full service mastectomy shop in the Phoenix metropolitan area that offers both a full line of mastectomy products and wigs. Fine Fittings prides itself as one-stop-shoppng for mastectomy patients.

Our objective is to provide alternatives to surgeons and non-surgical candidates alike through quality mastectomy products that will enable women to realize that choices are still available.  Our clients are valued and treated with respect and dignity.

Fine Fittings provides quality post mastectomy products, breast prosthesis, intimate apparel, lymphedema products,and wigs in a private, supportive, compassionate environment. We strive to provide service before the sale through education and information. We believe the more informed out clients are, the more confidence they have in their appearance, thus giving back their sense of well-being.

Meet the Staff

Meet the staff...

Mastectomy Fitters:


  • Stephanie Lozano
  • Marina V Portillo


Wig Fitters:

  • Barbara Hoffman
  • Aimee Whited


Barbara Hoffman

Tailoring & Alterations:


  • Marie DeLorenzo


  • Benjamin Smith DO