Wigs, Eyebrow Microblading, Mastectomy Prosthetics, Bras, & Swimwear

About Fine Fittings

We exist to help diminish the footprint of cancer, natural body variation, and support the healing process after cosmetic surgery by fitting quality garments, wigs, and medical supplies designed to complement their physician's treatment and also enhance the beauty and comfort of the individual.

Fine Fittings brings mastectomy products to wherever your medical and personal needs may take you. The relative lack of awareness and unavailability of products which could be supplied to patients in coordination with their medical & personal needs drove the evolution of the company. It now has the ability to follow up with your needs throughout life. The products presently carried have been extensively reviewed by physicians to make sure they meet or surpass the goals of expected care without adverse effects. The services and inventory have further evolved through patient feedback on comfort and feel to provide top quality products to Arizonans at a cost that can adapt to your individual budget. Most of the cost is covered by insurance.


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