SERVICES - Only available in the State of Arizona

The products we carry are designed partially contribute to the emotional well-being of the patient as
well as to aid in healing. Fine Fittings can work with your physician to fit postoperative camisoles
even before surgery begins. We help improve emotional state by fitting patients in lightweight and
comfortable products that do not interfere with the healing process. We also have the availability to
send the fitters to patients' homes or hospital room if they do not have the ability to be seen on site.
This provides access to many patients with limited mobility. We encourage an on-going relationship
between the fitter and the patient to address any concerns or needs that may arise in the future.

Available anywhere in the United States

1) Now Offering Eyebrow Microblading - (3D Tattooing)
2) Largest Selection of Wigs in the West Valley
3) Toppers & Hair Extensions
4) Mastectomy Breast Prosthetics
5) Mastectomy Bras
6) Mastectomy Swimwear
7) Mastectomy Sports Bras
8) Lymphedema Sleeves
9) Lymphedema Gloves
10) Silicone gel to Decrease Keloid Formation
11) Accessories to Customize Fit & Feel