Eyebrow Microblading





The Microblading is a new beauty treatment that enables you to have perfect eyebrows through the semi-permanent makeup technique completed hair by hair, allowing you to modify the shape and color of the eyebrow. It is recommended for people who for some reason want to increase the density of their eyebrows in the most natural way possible.

For example, people who due to health problems, stress or hormonal problems have had loss of hair in the eyebrows, or simply have depopulated eyebrows and would like to have a reconstruction of them.

This technique provides the opportunity to flaunt perfect and natural eyebrows, resulting in an increase in the beauty of the face.

In the case of people who have little volume on the eyebrows, the microblading makes the filling of the  whole eyebrow, thus increasing the volume of the same.

Microblading:  hair by hair…

This hair by hair technique provides a much more natural look to your eyebrows, since it draws each hair providing a very natural appearance.

The pigments have to be natural and color must be adapted to each customer to give more realism to the work. For example: a blonde person must use a light brown pigment or a person with medium brown hair must use medium brown pigment and so on. The basis for choosing the pigmentation is always hair, eyes and skin.

This technique is very precise, and professionals should be able to do it, to prevent damage to the skin and eyebrows.

What is the difference between the traditional micropigmentation and microblading?

The main difference between the two types of micropigmentation is basically the following:


with the traditional micropigmentation a less natural appearance is achieved, leaving the pigments more rough and thick.

With the Microblading technique, It is done with more precision and the hairs are more real and natural. It is more superficial than the micro as the pigments remain in the epidermis. The Tebori (instrument with which the technique is performed) is not connected to electricity, this way, the work depends solely on the hand of the professional. On the other hand, in addition to a better result, the microblading is more economical than the micropigmentation. The effect achieved is that of a cleaner and deeper look, thus increasing the beauty of the woman’s face.


It is a relatively simple and fast technique, the time spent in carrying out the treatment is about one hour.. However, it is an advanced beauty service, with fast execution. So the time for carrying out the work is less than that in the micro.

This technique usually lasts for approximately a year to a year and half, depending on several factors, both the professional himself (experience, technique, materials, etc.) as well as the client’s habits and the type of skin he has.

For example, if the customer has a habit of wearing a hat or cap and facial sun cream daily, this pigmentation can last longer, due to their good habits.



The price of the microblading in the eyebrows can range between $180 and $600 depending on the Center. The main factors to establish the price of microblading service are: location of the center, the level of training and experience of the professional, quality of materials and products used, and number of reviews included.

The end results of the microblading are very realistic and natural eyebrows. Unlike the micro, the treatment is done hair by hair, implanting the pigment in the epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin), making it in such a way that the hair is appreciated and leaving a feeling of naturalness and depth, unlike micropigmentation. The treatment can be done on both men and women, achieving an increase in the density of eyebrows in the most unpopulated areas, and being able to show more uniform and attractive eyebrows, thus enhancing the beauty of the face.

The main advantages of the application of this technique are the following:

  • Increased density of depopulated eyebrows due to multiple factors (skin lesions, hair removal, diseases, effects of chemotherapy, etc.)
  • Achieve natural and realistic eyebrows, adapting the shape of the same to the characteristics of each person’s face, achieving this, through the technique of the visagism, some eyebrows of picture cinema.
  • Natural color of eyebrows. The tone will depend on the color of the skin, eyes and hair, of each person.
  • Forget the daily eyebrows make-up, and can give off a nice eyebrow for a long period of time.
  • The duration of this technique is usually approximately one year, however, it can vary depending on the performance of the professional, the quality of the products, the skin type, the health of the client and the aftercare (use of Sunglasses, sun protection creams, etc.)

Contraindications of microblading

Microblading is not recommended for people who have diabetes, who take anticoagulant drugs, allergy, with a history of keloid and pregnant women.

I’ve already done the micropigmentation in the eyebrows through another technique.

Can I make the microblading?

You can, if the tempt former is already faded and you will get more natural eyebrows.

If you are interested in trying out the art of microblading in your eyebrows, our advice is that you look for a professional with experience in a good centre that provides full guarantees for you to get 100% satisfaction.